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Bidar Heritage Trip

City of Whispering Monuments

Bidar is known as "City of Whispering Monuments". It is a hill top city in the north-east part of Karnataka which borders Maharashtra and Telangana. Bidar city is known for its Bidri handicraft products, and its magnificent history. City was specifically planned and built in the medieval era. Ancient underground network of aqueducts for water supply, known as Karez, has been recently discovered.


 - Bidar fort is more than 500 years old and still standing strong on the Deccan Plateau.

 - Bidar is considered one of the holy places for Sikh pilgrimage.

 - It has the second biggest Indian Air Force training centre in the country.

 - Bidar region has become the major attraction for film shooting in recent years. 


Brief Itinerary:


21:00 - Catch “22143 Bidar Express” from Mumbai



09:30 - Reach Bidar Station. Check-in and breakfast

10:30 - We will explore Bidar fort  for 2-3 hours with a local guide

14:30 - Guru Jhira Sahib, one of the most famous Gurudwara

17:00 - Narsimha Jharna Mandir, where you need to walk in knee deep water

20:00 - Dinner and Masti



06:00 - Wake up early if you want to enjoy the lovely morning scenery of the Whispering Town.

10:00 - Post breakfast we will explore Bahmani Ruler tombs, Madrassa of Mahmud Gawan, Chaubara etc.

14:00 - Explore the market and relish the local cuisine.

19:50 - Board 22144 Mumbai Express



08:00 - Reach Mumbai



Rs.5000 (including Sleeper Tickets in train)

Rs.6500 (including 3AC Tickets in train)

For booking you need to pay 50% non-refundable advance 



 - Train tickets (subject to availability)

 - Travel within Bidar

 - All food and refreshments (excluding train)

 - Accommodation on triple sharing basis

 - Entry Charges at various monuments



 - Bottled water/drinks during trip

 - Food during train journey

 - Anything not mentioned in ‘Includes’



Krishna Kuya – 9820285295 (Call/WhatsApp)

Email –

Send WhatsApp message:

Things to be carried:

 - At least 1 litre personal water bottle (all time in your bag)

 - Towel, toiletries, cap, sunglasses etc.

 - We appreciate people carrying juice packets, dry fruits, energy bars etc.

Starting Point: Mumbai


Rs.5000 only

Upcoming Dates: N/A
Best Season: Sept to Feb
Customized Group:
Minimum six participants
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