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Best Waterfalls of Maharashtra

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

With the onset of monsoon, the Sahyadris will be blessed with countless waterfalls and greenery. You will be surprised to know that 90% tourists flock to only 20% of these waterfalls. In other words, there are numerous under rated waterfalls which remains out of attention and relatively unexplored.

Caution: Many people die in waterfalls due to their irresponsible behaviour. We strictly advise to follow the local guidelines and never drink alcohol from atleast 24 hours before your trip. We strongly request you not to throw any plastic, paper, bottles etc. in the vicinity of waterfall. Carry utmost care while taking photographs. Avoid doing stunts of jumping and posing at treacherous locations.

Photography Tips:

  • Carry a Gopro. It can take pictures in rainfall, inside waterfall, wide angle to cover entire falls from specific angles.

  • DSLR will be less usable considering rainfall but its good for professionals.

  • If above two doesn’t work then carry a waterproof case for your mobile.

  • Try taking vertical Panorama for covering the entire waterfall

  • Short clips are better than horizontal panorama. Make sure you pan slowly and with minimum shake

Approachable by Mumbai Local Trains:

Zenith waterfall

It takes an hour walk from Khopoli station to reach Zenith Waterfall. The trek is enthralling as you cross small streams on the trail. Water falls from 25 feet which makes it ideal for getting into it except during the times of very heavy rainfalls. During monsoon this region remains covered in mist and wind gusts will often shake your balance. At the entrance, there are makeshift stalls selling corns and chai. Zenith falls is often crowded on weekends.

Nearest Village: Khopoli

Trekking time: 60 mins

Ashane Koshane waterfall

Also known as Bhivpuri Falls, it is visible from local trains while travelling between Bhivpuri and Karjat. From Bhivpuri station, you can directly start walking to reach Ashane. You need to walk though the stream in the end. Usually this waterfall is crowded on weekends. Many small streams flow down the hills to form this gorgeous waterfall.

Nearest village: Bhivpuri

Trekking: 45 mins

Vadap waterfall

Located in Karjat, Vadap waterfall is visible from a long distance as you cross the Ulhas river. It is located on the other side of Dhak range. Highly perennial and the flow varies a lot with rainfall. The trail to waterfall is very slippery and you need to bear caution while approaching it. There are many resorts and farmhouses in the vicinity.

Nearest village: Vengaon; 7 kms from Karjat Station

Trekking: 45 mins

Tapalwadi waterfall

These are series of waterfall formed Payarmal river in Neral. The small cascades makes it ideal for splashing around. However, you need to bear caution due to slippery grasses and rocks around the stream.

Nearest village: Tapalwadi; 4 kms from Neral Station

Trekking: 45 mins

Ashoka waterfall

Located 12kms from Kasara, Ashoka waterfall is also known as Vihi or Vihigaon Waterfalls. This is one of the popular weekend getaway from Mumbai and Nashik. The falls cascades from a height of about 120 feet into a pool and an ideal spot for rappelling. This waterfall gives the adventurers an opportunity to rappel in the middle of the forest. The waterfall is also known for many film shootings, including Asoka, starring Shahrukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor.

Nearest Village: Vihigaon

Trekking: 20-30 minutes

Chinchoti waterfall

Chinchoti falls is located close Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway in Tungareshwar forest. The forest trail is confusing and usually takes 1-2 hours to reach the main waterfall. The streams on the way are very good rest points. Look out for markings on the stone showing the direction. The waterfall at the end of the trek is a reward for trekkers. You can also visit the nearby Tungareshwar temple after returning from the waterfall.

Nearest Village: Kaman, near Naigaon

Trekking: 90 mins

Dhodani waterfall

Dhodani Waterfall is located at the base of Matheran hills on the side of Panvel. It is also popular waterfall rapelling spot near Mumbai region. The flow of water varies rapidly with the intensity of rains in Matheran region. Interestingly, the hills are always covered with clouds during monsoon. In other seasons one can see the entire range of hills i.e. Chanderi, Peb, Matheran, Prabalgad.

Nearest Village: Dhodani

Trekking: 45 mins

Khopoli-Lonavala Region:

Devkund waterfall

Devkund waterfall is located inside the Tamhini forest near Bhira Dam. It is said to be the origin of Kundalika River (famous for river rafting at Kolad). Rocky walls and forests surround it, which gives it a unique landscape. Water falls from 200 feet to create a deep pool at the entrance. Beware, few people have died in Devkund pool during monsoon.

Nearest Village: Bhira, 20kms from Pali town, 60kms from Khopoli

Trekking: 2 hours from Bhira

For trekking to Devkund click here

Kataldhar waterfall

Kataldhar is located in Ulhas Valley near Lonavala. Kataldhar waterfall feeds Ulhas River which flows into Kalyan creek. Kataldhar can also be seen from Rajmachi Fort.

You need to trek through dense forest and slippery trails. It is prone to flash floods and this trek should not be done without an experienced guide. Waterfall Rappelling is organized here when flow of waterfall is less and caves formed beneath the waterfall are visible.

Nearest Village: Fansarai; 10kms from Lonavala

Trekking: 2 hours on difficult terrain

Kune waterfall

Kune Falls is a tall waterfall in Lonavala. It is a three-tiered waterfall cascading down from a height of 200 m and the highest drop is about 100 m.

The falls attracts many tourists during the rainy season. The Kune Church is located close to the waterfalls near the old Mumbai-Pune Highway.

Nearest village: Kune; 4kms from Lonavala

Trekking: 20 mins

Jawahar Region:

Dabhosa waterfall

Dabhosa Waterfalls is located in Jawahar, Palghar district. This waterfall is formed by Lendi River and cascades down from a whopping height of 300 feets. The resorts near the waterfalls offer adventures like Kayaking, Zip Line, Rappelling etc.

Nearest Village: Dabhosa

Trekking: 30 mins