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Nine Reasons for Camping

Camping trip allows you to literally do nothing. You do not have to rush to be somewhere or to do something. Just sit back, relax and watch the world go by.

1. Reconnect with nature

Fresh air, wilderness and living close to nature are few reasons to choose camping. It will make your mind and soul more content after the trip. You have the opportunity to see the sunset and sunrise across the rural landscapes.

2. Observe the stars

Nights spent under the stars helps to relieve the stresses of routine life. Campsites are often located in the rural areas with no light pollution. There is nothing better to do on a night than venturing outside your tent and looking up towards the billion stars.

3. Keep the electronics away

It is the chance to turn off the smartphone, computer and other electronics. How often do you actually get the chance to sit with friends without everyone having their eyes fixed on phones? Camping brings people together without the distractions of the technology. You can chat, laugh and interact like olden times.

4. Learn to make fire and cook

Camping lets you discover how to build a fire, cook your own food and drink water from streams and lakes. You can do barbeque in the campfire with potatoes and other simple stuffs. If you have talent then you can make much better recipes on fire.

5. Create memories

Even despicable camping experiences can make best memories of life. The stories told are worth a couple of uncomfortable hours under canvas. As Ben Fogle said “You have to have the highs and the lows. The most memorable holidays we’ve had are all the muddy, wet camping ones.”

6. Meet new people

Camping people are usually very friendly. You will never feel lonely on a campsite. Campfire and food can be great icebreakers and create a friendship for life. You do not need to act like a marketing person to do networking here.

7. It is romantic

What could be more romantic than sharing a meal in the glow of a wood fire, staring at the stars together or cozying up under canvas? Forget five-star hotels, young couples are choosing camping as the new romantic getaway. Just remember that tents are not sound proof.