Mizoram Undiscovered

Mizoram is a backpacker’s haven with vivid culture, languages and landscapes. It has been barely explored by tourists and bloggers. Inner Line Pass is required for entry into Mizoram and can be obtained online or from Liaison Officer, Government of Mizoram from the following cities- Kolkata, Silchar, Shillong, Guwahati and New Delhi.

Mizoram is one of the most exclusive destination of North East India that has 21 major peaks of varied height, hills and valleys along with gushing rivers and beautiful lakes. It shares borders with three states of India namely Assam, Manipur and Tripura and also with Bangladesh and Myanmar, the two neighbouring countries.


Serchhip, a lesser known and unexplored town in the states of Mizoram, is around 112kms away from the state capital, Aizawl. It is the most famous for being the district with the highest literacy rate in India that can also provide you a unique and vibrant experience. Serchhip is also home to state’s highest waterfall i.e. Vantawng Khawhthla, about 220m from ground level and is the most spectacular one. Other lesser explored places like Zoluti Hriatrengna Lung, Chhingpuii Thlan, Thenzawl Deer Park, Chawngchilhi Puk are also must visit. Some of them embrace bizarre stories of love.

Aizawl, Mizoram

Aizawl, “The Land of Highlanders” is a beautiful hill city and capital of Mizoram set on the ridges of steep hills overlooking the Sylvan valley of the river Tlawng in the west and of the river Tuirial in the east and south. This peaceful and beautiful city is also very well-known for its exotic landscape of verdant hills stretching away to the horizon. Aizawl is not only the state capital but also the political and cultural centre of Mizoram. Angling, Cave tourism, Mountaineering; the Blue Mountains are the most famous among the mountaineers, shopping and trekking are the tourist attractions in Aizawl.


The town of Champai on the eastern borders of Mizoram is a bird’s eye to Myanmar with magnificent heart-shaped Rih-Dil Lake at its centre and beautiful Myanmar hills in the backdrop. Its natural beauty makes this place the best tourist destination and makes one feel entering a part of heaven. A cave called the Kungawrhi Puk, a river called Tiau Lui, Lianchhiari Lunglen Tlang and a few more are another famous natural attraction of Champai. Adventure enthusiast would love some trekking at the Thasiama Seno Neihna which is about 83 Kms south of Champhai. The drive to Champai through vineyards, kiwi and passion fruits orchard is mesmerizing.


Lunglei is situated in the south central part of Mizoram known as ‘bridge of rock’ is the second largest city of Mizoram which one would love to visit because of its natural beauty. Its picturesque charms is best explored by trekking through the winding trails and is nothing less than a paradise for birdwatchers. District Museum Heritage is a must visit as it allows one to have a closer look to the ethnic culture and the tradition on the region. Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary, Phawngpui (Blue Mountains), Ui Lung Cherhlun are some other tourist attraction to visit. Visiting the Lunglei Rock Bridge at the Nghasih stream is another popular activity while here and for those looking to learn about the culture and traditions of the region, the Saikuti Hall is a must-visit.


Sharing its boundaries with the neighbouring country Bangladesh, the western side of Lawngtlai is covered by dense unexplored forest. It is home to the Chakma and Lai tribal communities, and there are six rivers that flow through the district namely; Ngenpui, Chawngte, Tuiphal, Chhimtuipui, Tuichong and Kaladan rivers, hence the region is very fertile because of these rivers. This district is extremely rich in biodiversity, so one should definitely visit Ngengpui Wildlife Sanctuary and Sinemon Wildlife Sanctuary for stunning variety of flora and fauna. Mullianpui, a small village well known for its trekking trail and rich culture while Chawngte village is a natural paradise for its location on the banks of river Tuichawng. Rivers, mountains, valleys, witnessing a simple life led by locals and their food and talking long walks along the river is just a surreal experience. It’s a perfect place one can visit to get away from the hustle of city life. Uiphum is another place in Lawngtlai one can visit for tranquillity and serenity.

Phawngpui National Park:

Phawngpui National Park is a conservatory forest in Mizoram housing several rare animals and birds, overlooking beautiful rivers and mountain ranges further adding to its natural beauty and its attraction to the tourists. What makes this a mandatory spot is the ultimate hike for trekkers and adventure seekers and the incentive of the long hike is the scenic beauty of the park and also the opportunity to spot rare animals and birds. What else one would want! You can find a variety of different species of flora and fauna, some animals includes tiger, leopard, mountain goat, Asiatic black bear, barking deer, goral, serow, slow loris and common langur etc. and some birds includes falcon, sunbirds, mountain bamboo partridge, Blyth’s tragopan, Oriental honey buzzard, woodpeckers, common flame back, large-billed crow, purple cocoa, etc. The climate is enjoyable all-round the year but the recommendation time for visitation is between November to April.


The Scenic village of Hmuifang is perched atop Hmuifang mountain, blessed with lovely landscape and unspoilt natural beauty. This village is the best place for picnics, trekking or just a simple leisure holiday. One can trek to nearby Mizo villages to experience a typical rural life, their culture and some friendly villagers can also arrange homestays where one can taste local cuisine and get a glimpse of their daily lifestyle. The Hmuifang Tourist Resort is situated at the top of the peak and offers a beautiful and scenic view of the nature that surrounds it. One can also witness the annual Anthuriam Festival, the most popular festival of the state is celebrated on the peak during September of every year organised by tourist department to promote tourism. Thalfavang Kut, also celebrated on the peak in the month of November annually where cultural activities are highlighted in the form of traditional games.

Reiek trek

Reiek is a mountain and a tourist attraction that offers a view of surrounding valleys and hills. At a height of 1465mtrs, Reiek is one the highest hills of Mizoram located at a distance of 29km from the city of Aizawl. The journey to this unexplored peak can be an excellent opportunity for the trekker and adventure seekers and one can also see the plains of Bangladesh from the top of the hill on a clear day. On the way up, one can also enjoy the chirping birds and can see variety of winged beauties. You can also spot Pergrine Falcon which is known to make its nest near rocky edges. Apart from the adventures, Reiek hills area also home to the small tiny village inhabited by Mizos which is considered to a heritage site.

Palak Lake:

Palak Lake or Palak Dil is an oval shape and largest natural lake in Mizoram, situated near Phura village which is about 391km to the south of Aizawl. This lake covers about 1sq.km of land and is surrounded by green beautiful lush forest which are unspoilt and are rich in variety of different species of flora and fauna. Different version of legends abounds the origin of lake but keeping the legend aside it is a home to most of the common wetland birds, hill birds and is belied to be a winter stop-over for migrating Pintail Duck. One can find few elephants still roaming in the forest. This lake is continually fed by water originating from the two small rivers in the nearby mountains and the area around the lake is being developed as tourist resorts with water sport facility.

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