Popti Festival in Konkan

Popti festival is a village style barbeque of Konkan region, a unique dish made during the harvest festival of beans. Practically, it is more than a delicacy. It is a symbol of euphoria and celebration. Popti is never eaten alone, its always for a carnival. The process of preparing it is more exciting than the dish, which is ofcourse the best of Maharashtra.

(Picture by: Aajol – The Village Homestay)

Literally, Popti is name of a particular shrub leaves found in abundance in the mountains of Western Ghats. It is also known as ‘Bhamburdi’. The earthen pot is lined with these leaves which tastes like carom seeds. The fragrant smell and flavour of Bhamburdi infuses through the ingredients while cooking. Bhamburdi also have some medicinal properties which helps in improvement of digestion and liver function.

Another key ingredient of Popti is ‘Vaal Shenga’ or flat green beans. Other ingredients and spices vary from village to village and individual’s choice of taste. Like most of the Indian dishes, we can also categorize Popti into veg and non-veg. It is considered to be a nutritious meal by the locals, because of the high fiber and protein content.

Method for Veg Popti Festival

(Courtesy – Master Chef Varun Inamdar and Rajshree Foods Youtube Channel)

Chop some coriander leaves and add Grated Coconut, Then add white sesame seeds with some spices like Garam masala, Turmeric powder, followed by Red Chilli Powder add some Salt (as required).

Next Vegetable Mix First with Drumsticks peel them off and cut them roughly 2inch, then add Bhavnagri Chilli and cut them to your requirements.

Now add Spring Onions cut the green and also the whites then slit some baby potatoes with Baby Brinjal slit them equally. Add some organic carrots with end slits out.

Add some lentils First Indian Green Bean and the Indian Green Gram.

Next step Marination, mix all the masala together and then divide the masala among the vegetables, add vegetable oil.

Finally, you need the earthen pot, add some Bhamburdi leaves to the base of the pot then add all the vegetable with masala to the pot also add some fresh groundnuts(Optional)

Shake it hard and top them with remaining vegetables then cover with the Indian Borage Leaves stuff it up with comfort.

Now for baking, first dig the pit then upturn the pot and surround them with the bonfire. Set it on fire and wait for it for 30 to 40 Minutes for it to Cook.

The pot is kept in the center and everyone sits around the pot blissfully in the warmth of embers of the fire on which the Popti is cooked.

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